Your results should pull through to your Insurer automatically if they are integrated with us:

  1. Please can you check that your ID number / passport number within the FitVault app under profile is 100% correct.
  2. If they are both the same, please can you check that your steps/workouts are pulling correctly into the FitVault App.
  3. If the data is correct in the FitVault app and the correct steps / workouts are displayed within the FitVault app, please can you send an email to and we will investigate.
  4. If your Insurer is not directly integrated with FitVault, then please feel free to download your activity report to your email directly from the FitVault app, and then send to your broker for allocation.



  1. Could you go onto Fitvault, on the top left corner there is a drop down, tap on it and select my profile and then go to Health Provider/Rewards Partner.
  2. Search for Momentum Multiply and select that.
  3. Please let us know once you have done so.
  4. We are health provider agnostic meaning anyone can use FitVault to log their visits.
  5. For Momentum Multiply clients their visits reflect automatically on their Multiply dashboard. For other Insurers, users can download their report directly from the FitVault app and submit to their broker or Insurer for rewards. In saying that, we can only guarantee that Momentum Multiply will accept each visit.